A selection of photos taken in and around our campsite, located at Edinbane in the North of Skye just on the edge of the Waternish peninsula. The weather was not great for walking with frequent heavy showers and on one day the high winds rose to gale force. However such conditions can be rather helpful for photography!

All fairly calm on the day of arrival. Our campsite can be spotted mid image on the other side of Loch Greshornish

Needless to say, we bought a fleece...

A rather nice VW T2 campervan -  meaning ours was not the oldest camper on site

The campsite takes care of its own smallholding which included this fine fellow. At least I think it's a fellow.

The campsite is actually closer to the hamlet of Flashader (love that name) rather than Edinbane. I am pretty sure this was a chapel - there were still pews inside 

The Hebridean Isles Trading Company operates out of these buildings adjacent to out campsite. They trade as "Island at the Edge"

The "Ane Shop" - Edinbane, Isle of Skye

About an hour after I took the previous photo these motorhomes had arrived, probably set up for the night

A corrugated hut perched besides the loch

Mrs H. watching the falling sun on the walk home from the Edinbane Inn

The fleece we bought came off one of these sheep.

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a mobile phone company

A Trimaran on Loch Greshornish .Or it would be, if the tide were not out

Bus shelter on the edge of the Loch

Corrugated Chapel at Flashader

The fully formed rainbow seen from the campsite

I was pretty chuffed that the gales did no damage to our new "retro" awning. I am pleased I invested in those storm straps!

Mrs H. returns from the shower block - had she some back with the towel off her head her hair may well have been dried by the wind.

A bow of a wooden rowing boat wrecked on the shore of Loch Greshornish

More brutally placed in the landscape, a shipping container, but it somehow works well

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