I am an editorial photographer based in Brighton, UK - the H. stands for Hortop. When I left a career of 22 years spent in the City of London, Scotty H. sounded a bit more marketable than Scott Hortop. However, while it seemed a good idea at the time, when it came to seriously selling my photography services on a commercial basis I felt I needed something a bit more 'corporate', so I hit on Light Touch. Now I am no longer doing these assignments it seems appropriate to bring back my old face to the world.
The Selection gallery presents what I think of as my best work while with ever growing galleries of what I have been shooting generally are to be found in my Travels and Events sections. These latter galleries have been added in early 2017, bringing in images from my comprehensive image library at lighttouch.photoshelter.com so that eventually I will be consolidating all my photography here. I am adding galleries going forward as I shoot, but when I have time I am slowly going backwards chronologically adding older and older images. 
You will also see here a selection from those days as a professional social and commercial photographer, an area that I have largely left behind now, but there are many images that are still important to me. 
For the time being, galleries of thousands of carefully catalogued editorial and creative stock images for download or purchase as prints continue to presented at my separate image library, Light Touch. 
I continue to define myself as an editorial photographer because I find that my approach to formulating, presenting and promoting art photography does not compare well to people who do it rather better than me!  But nevertheless in my Projects section I try to direct myself into esoteric realms or documentary photography. In the most esoteric galleries you will encounter images of naked people, and I am not afraid to put myself forward to do what I ask others to do. This reflects my strongly held view that there is nothing offensive about any aspect of the human body, especially when presented in a way that makes an artistic statement or conveys its beauty. By normalising rather than sensationalising nudity we as a society will all be better off, more comfortable in our own skins.
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