Open access

Open access land is found on UK ordnance survey maps as areas surrounded by a pale brown border. It is a curiosity to me because it is generally not signposted and without a map telling you otherwise you would not know that you have the freedom to enter and enjoy its open space. It can come in many forms, flat, wooded, pasture, meadow. It can even exist inside an urban area. Aside from the urban open access land, because there is general ignorance of its existence, one can feel isolated, at peace and free. I illustrate this freedom and sense of isolation through my own nakedness. The land is the important element though, the nudity is secondary but is a product of man's role in designating and parceling this and other land - private land, common land, parkland - all with different rules. Open access land has its rules too and like the fences around it they can be intimidating, but read closely and see that there is that extra sense of freedom which I have chosen to emphasise with minimal and temporary environmental impact through breaking an unwritten rule about nudity and planting my own vulnerable human form within it.

At Glatting Beacon
Weight of the World  (New Forest - 2016)
The Broken Ring
View to the Amex
Above the Weald (Between Ditchling Beacon and Black Cap)
Beneath Black Cap
Quarry (near Plumpton)
Cold Coombes 
Newmarket Plantation
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