With Mrs H. returning to Brighton for 3 nights, this essentially meant I had 4 clear distraction free days to get out photographing the landscapes of Scotland. The first was actually spent on the West Highland Line and photographing the city of Glasgow, choosing to see off Mrs H in that city. On the final day I decided also to take a train to meet her on her way back, but this time I was not going to go all the way to Glasgow but instead choose a place on route to go out and explore. I rather randomly chose Lock Awe in the heart of Argyll as my destination. The train times dictated that I would also have plenty of time to explore locally from the campsite at Barcaldine but this turned out to be a good thing because Lochawe (the village) was perhaps a little disappointing as a base for walking, hemmed in rather by the A85 and the railway line.

My first photo destination was to get a good image of Castle Stalker. Unfortunately the track down was too muddy for a dignified descent,

A view of Loch Etive from Connel, from where my train to Loch Awe would be departing.

The steel cantilever bridge at Connel carrying the A828  over the entrance to Loch Etive. This sits above the Falls of Lora , a 'tidal race' that can be rather more spectacular than seen here.

The rather sweet village store at Connel

I took a walk from Connel - into this attractive undulating farming landscape 

The Black Lochs in the landscape near Connel, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

A sheep in a corner - I guess that because I raised my camera it won the staring contest

A 'Sprinter' train arrives at Connel Railway Station

A track leading from Loch Awe looking up the glen of Allt Mhoille, Argyll, Scotland

Electricity pylons in the scenic Scottish countryside near Loch Awe - a blot maybe, but impressive in their own way.

Loch Awe and the railway station of the same name

Ready for my return to Connel, the Loch Awe Hotel above the Loch Awe railway station.

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