On the first day that I was alone in Scotland I took the train out of Fort William to Corrour station. The rough tracks that you see are the only links (other than the train) from the station to the rest of the world and it is a long drive before you get to a paved road for this is way into the empty heartland of Scotland's Rannoch Moor.
In between the time of my train arriving and the return train about 3 hours later I had intended to try to get to the summit of the nearby Beinn na Lap, at above 3000 feet a 'Munro to be bagged'. Appearances and website descriptions of what is possible are deceptive and I found myself having to turn back a few yards before I reached the pre-summit ridge which I had set as my revised target. Too much time spent bagging photos on the way up!

I was carrying my Pentax film camera as well as my Fujifilm digital. I'll start with the images capture on my 35mm lens with Ektar 100 film - this is Loch Ossian and the only track to civilisation.

A view across desolate bog filled Rannoch Moor.

A landscape near Loch Ossian, again a capture on film.

Final film image - approaching Corrour Station buildings (that's all there is) and the peak of Leum Uilleim.

Over to my digital camera now. This is my arrival at Corrour station. A hiking group intending to walk to Fort William, camping overnight, also arrive at the remote Corrour railway station before setting off on their hike.

No visit to the cafe - the group are on their way.

This is Corrour Station House Restaurant which somehow survives in this remote location.

There's my target - Beinn na Lap - there and back in 3 hours. Easy! Not!

If you think you've already seen this image then you are wrong. That was the film version and this is the wider angle lens on my digital.

A Rannoch Moor landscape - all green and brown hues.

The rock seemed to mimic the shape of the peak of Leum Uilleim

I was not quite "away from it all"

Landscape of Loch Ossian 

Where I turned back - it was probably 5 minutes up to the ridge, 10 minutes down. Descending over this stuff was tricky! I figured that I did not have 15 minutes to spare.

The view down to the tracks from which I had ascended.

The railway line to Fort William

Corrour Station and Station House Restaurant buildings

The Corrour rail summit and about 1800 feet above it, the summit of Beinn na Lap

I did manage to catch the train back!

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